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Saturday, August 11th, 2001
1:48 pm - * Last Enty *
Hey guyz!@*
Sorry but this is going to be the last entry from me. I mean I can't really keep up with 2 journal's all the time. I really don't like going back + forth between journal's each time. I'm sorry you guyz. Danielle + Maria, If you guys want to keep up this journal.. go rite ahead. But I never have the time to write in this one becuz I'm way to busy and already full with the journal I have as it is. So farewell everybody.

If you guys wanna check
out my other journal go
to: livejournal.com/~lustashuzmamii

* MeLiSsA *

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2001
11:15 am - * melissa- -> <33
Hey Guyz!@*

Sorry I haven't updated in like 5527902 years. I have juss been busy. Same goes for Danie + Maria. If you guys notice we are updatin that much, it's prolly becuz we either have other journal's to keep up with or we just don't have the time to update everyday. Plus with the last entry I wrote I was juss kinda upset becuz I thought everyone forgot about the Journal + I was wrong. Sorry you two=\
Not too much is going on in my life. Besides I juss started going out with my boyfriend Tony. It's been 9 days already Lol woo hoo!;D We are gonna be going to Ken West together so I'll be able to see him a lot also during school!
Today I'm prolly juss gonna go to Katie's around 12-12:30 fer a lil bit to go swimming and chill. My mom is gonna get my Arby's fer dinner yuMmM!=b Then I have to go to my dentist appointment grrr!

-That's all on my mind fer now-

im bootylicious for ya babe!

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Monday, August 6th, 2001
7:47 pm
alrite im sorry maria and mel but im not gonna be updatin much =[

but if anyone else wants to see any updates look at:
livejournal.com/~punkdanie &

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8:51 am - lonely journal

i know that i haven't been updating at all in the journal. but, it sucks when you just totally forget what the pw is! but, danie told me, so its all good =]

yesterday i went to watch the movie rush hour 2. i went with jocelyn. anyways, we had to wait til her mom got home so she could know we were leaving. but, her mom came home like 2:13. i got really pissed off! then my mom drove us to the mall. we ran in the mall to buy our tickets. it was 2:30, the movie was already starting. but, michael (hehe hes my boyfriend =) was supposed to go with us. i called him and he was angry that he wouldn't be able to make it in to time to watch the movie. after i got off the phone, me and jocelyn went in to watch the movie. the movie was extremely funny! when the movie was all done, me and jocelyn walked out and i saw somebody from the corner of my eye. i was thinking in my head, "oh shit, that looks like michael!" we kept walking and i heard someone whisper my name. i turned around and it was michael. i went up to him and gave him a hug. he surprised me! lol when me and jocelyn got home, we went to the park where our friends were. amanda, damen, and david were squirting everyone with squirt guns. they squirted me and jocelyn, and we were soaked! you could see right through our shirts!!! lol well, i g2g, later!!

<3 maria

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
3:57 pm
y0 iunno what's up? nobody has written in this journal fer almost a week, + the last entry was from me.. not to be er nuttin but i really don't see the point of sharing the journal if nobody really write in it. plus maria has only wrote in the journal once + most of the entries came from me + danielle most of the time? iunno one of you please tell me if you wanna continue with this journal, if not there is no point in doin it, ya kno?

monday-</b> i just came home from school - then i juss chilled fer a lil while + tony called me! awwiez he's so hot! ;D - we juss talked fer like 45 mins minutes becuz his friend john had to use the phone and he was waitin fer his ma to get home. i guess it was his mommy's bdai and he was takin her out. what a sweetie! <333.. oh yeah happy birthday tony's mommy Lol - anywayz i juss stayed home till after dinner becuz me + katie were goin to the mall at 7. - on the way to the mall i saw steve ridin on his bike and i pulled up aside of him and i was like *hey steeeve* + he's like *hey.. what's up!* Lol aww he prolly felt like a retard erm.. =X don't worry steve, i still luv ya! - we are gonna be movin into my new house in 3 weeks, yeah babeh! - we go to the mall at like 7:20 becuz my dad stopped at the bank so i could have more $$ Lol. - these guyz all wanted me + katie's digits hmm. i gave my # to this really hot puerto rican kid luis. katie on the other hand, well yeah - i got these cute black sandals + a hawiian tube top yess! - adam marquart was there too heh heh kate =X we left the mall at like 9 becuz it was gettin boring so her ma drove us to mc d's so we could get a sundae while she dropped off the movie- yumm it was good! =b

I'm juss chillin w* Katie, Amy + April today. iunno what we are gonna do but oh wellz. i'm gonna go now becuz i gotta watch my baby sis.

.:*1* xoxhuggz -n- kissezxox *1*:.

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
11:51 am - shakin the ass.. watchin herself!@!
hey beautiful babeh! it'z mel here. I'm juss chillin here watchin 106 + Park. Holy shit Shaq is fuckin huge compared to AJ + Free Lol. He is like 289072 feet bigger than them.. but I ain't madd at that heh!

yesteday i didn't do a hole lot cept chill at home and go to the mall to get a bikini fer mwah *close ur mouth dear ur droolin* hehe=X my dad put up nina's pool so she could go swimmin. she loves water it's so cute!

allz im prolly doin today is I mite be chillin w* marky + everybody but iuuno. im gonna go thou bye byee!

im in lala land~!@*

current mood: peaceful

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10:21 am - sUp!@*
sorry i haven't updated in a few days. Well Sunday i went surfing with noelle. I had alot of fun. I can finally surf, not that good, but i can surf!@* :D

On monday my mom went to return a few things at the mall and then i went to cross country. This time it was ok cause i knew the route and took my time, unlike what i did when running with varsity...hah.

Tuesday!@* I went to OC and bought a bic surfboard. It's prettiful. It has red flowers down the right side, it's 7'3". After we left to go to CM, i went surfin with my new b0ard. It was hard to get used to because I've been renting the foam boards, but i got used to it soon enough.
there was this one hott guy there with a long board. WOW!@* i must say. :X

well today all i have is volleyball and i have to read!blah


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Tuesday, July 24th, 2001
11:32 am - the sun's blazin!@!
OMG! it is to fuckin hot outside. yesterday nite i thought i was gonna die and Mark had to tease me bout going in his pool Lol. =X
Yesterday my cuz Jamie + Aunia slept over and I woke up around 12:00 cuz Amy woke me up Lol. My computer was bein a homo and wouldn't work so I had to reboot it again for the 478575895 time. Jamie ordered subs and we didn't have enuff money and the food was comin in like 1/2 hr so we made Aunia call again and cancel the order ha! We juss went to Mc D's instead then went back home and chilled in the blazin sun! We went to my grandparent's house and I got my shirts yeh! Today I'm prolly gonna get my sandals I wanted!

Friday was friggin gay! I was supposed to meet Jill, KT + Amy at Mc D's around 8:30-9 and we never even found um becuz Canal Fest was still going and it was madd crowded. I was really pissed then too. So we left the canal at like 10:00 and walked up to the river to see the fireworks + when we got there the *grand fanale* was juss startin grrr! that nite sucked but oh well Lol.

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2001
11:21 am
what's shakkin ev'rybody!@!

me, juss my bootay *shakes ass* Lol. last nite i went w/ my cousin jamie, brooke, my aunt sandi and aunt marcia, my mom, uncle kurt + nina to the drive in. it was soo fuckin packed and it turned out jarrasic park was sold out. my aunt was bitchin heh! =X so instead we saw fast and the furious again and scary movie 2. they were aiight but i didn't get um at all like usual.

me, jamie + brooke sat outside and watched the movies but in the woods there was people partying or some shit and their music was so freakin loud. i could hardly concentrate on the movie! but it fun! we stuffed ourselved w/ junk food Lol(:

tonite jamie + brooke mite sleep over. we are gonna go to the canal fest tonite like around 8 and we are gonna see the fireworks like rite after canal fest ends. aww today is the last day till it goes away! =( it went by soo fast!

*i miss you steve~@!*

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Saturday, July 21st, 2001
7:25 pm
sry fer givin ya guyz a scare last nite but as you could prolly tell i was really pissed! i mean danny + phil didn't even do nuttin and they went to jail. my nite was going really well and all till the poe poe ruined it all grrr!=\ hopefully both of um didn't get into too much trouble + are allowed to go to the canal fest tomorrow nite!:]

tonite, i'm going to the drive in with my my cousin jamie + our fam pretty much. we are gonna see jarassic park 3 heh! iunno what other movie is gonna be playin afterwards thou.

Lol i saw holly yesterday and krysten + they didn't say jack shit to me but supposidly they "hate" me.. o0oh piss off!=X they have absolutely no reason to not like me.. oh wow becuz justin liked me.. that's sumptin to cry bout, ya know?!

well anyways i'm gonna get ready fer tonite.. hope i see a bunchez of hotties there yeh!@*

!single, sexy + free!

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9:28 am - daniE
what did i do yesterday? ohh....absolutely nothing. I drew a new picture!@* It's a pretty kinda goth/punk girl that is wearin a 311 sweatshirt. In the background i wrote the lyrics from You Wouldn't Believe[my fav song of theirs].
Then after my bro got a haircut i went to X-country. I am like worst runner out of everyone that was there. I was gonna run with varsity cause I was the only freshman...my mistake -=x.
I was havin my period and ate alot of choclate no water that day so i got sick and almost threw up, but hey i got back -=].

Tomorrow im goin to the shore...hopefully Noelle can come :\.

All im doin today is reading, drawing, and lookin at cars.

oh before i go. I had this dream...lmfao... that my mom, bro, and I were doin this rock-climin/flyin thing with like Malcom,Reese, and his mom...who's obsessed? lmfao. And one of my best friends Noelle was like goin out with mike...the hottest guy on earth and i got jealous. Oh well at least Reese was in my dream -=x that hott sexy delicious tv star!@*

talk lata*s

~ danie<3!@*

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12:01 am - omfg!@!
alright tonite was hell! 2 of my friends got arrested becuz of some gay shyt they shouldn't be busted for. me and jill walked up to the canal fest at like 7:30 and we found amy. so then we walked around some more and dan, ron + terry came up to us and we juss chilled at talked. it was all good then. afterwards we saw pete and phil albini come up and we were all juss chillin + shit. then some fuckin guy started shit with phil and smashed him rite in the jaw then phil went madd craze beatin the fuck outta this kid. that's how phil got busted. then dan got busted fer slammin a phone down.. oh big fuckin deal. the poe poe need to go get laid cuz they be bustin the wrong kids grrr! =\ i miss phil + dan already.. and they r prolly gonna be in some deep shit when they get home too! good luck guyz!<3

i believe ya dan + phil!*~

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Friday, July 20th, 2001
1:16 pm - break me off.. show me what chu go!
so what's everyone up to? i'm juss eatin again heh!(: i'm eatin chikie fingers MmMm=b nuttin much is gonna happen till tonite. i'm too lazy to go anywhere rite now Lol. I called kelley bout 4279274728 times but nobody is answering. i wonder what is up?! tonite i'm juss gonna go to kelley's then to canal fest to meet everybody. it should be hot. but im outty latah!:]


current mood: lazy

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10:40 am - danie
i just wanna make a quick note!@* -=]
if any of you guys wanna e-mail us personally these are the addresses:

if you ever wanna chat you can im me/us -=D

talk lata!@*


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Thursday, July 19th, 2001
2:01 pm - danie
hey im so bored -=\
well this is gonna be short.
periods suck ass!@*~

i also wanna say sups to-
adrian, my sista<33!@*~ ;x
mandi<3,jenna,brandon<33,NOELLE!@*<333,dana my spanish lover rofl, and my 2 special new friends:

mel and maria<3333!@*~<3333

this was like my shout outs from live journal... ;]

well imma talk later!


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12:46 pm - i'm bootylicious~@!*
hey babeh!

wha's goin on? juss chillin here watchin 106 + park. the new destiny child video fer the bootylicious *remix* is really queer! but i love the tagz in the video thou heh!;D thanx danie for helpin with my journal! i think burt is pissed at me er sumptin cuz he don't talk to me much anymore. iunno what i did to him thou?! rissa finally came back from florida but she is going to her summer house w/ stephanie ughh!:x she told me what she did in FL too. o0o rissa ur bad Lol. don't worry i did it too hehe. all'z i'm really doin today is goin to my grandparents house to visit um and get my new shirts my grams bought fer me =)i mite go and get my bathing suit today. iunno yet thou. but afterwards we are gonna go get sumptin to eat MmMm=b well.. im gonna go watch sexy leo in Titanic.. soo bye byeee~! -melerz<33

i love steve albini!@!

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9:45 am - danie
lmao. last night when i went to volleyball, i was walkin by the grass and i heard this noise. I thought it was a cricket like chirping and it ended up to be a bat hissing at me and my friends on the team (andrea, alex, ashley. I freaked out like a minute after i stared at it cause alex was like " GET AWAY FROM IT! IT PROBABLY HAS RAYBEES!@!"(however the hell u spell it):X

I just took an IQ test and I scored a 150 which means I am gifted :DDD!@*

well ill talk to u people later!


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Wednesday, July 18th, 2001
10:31 pm
what's crackalackin everybody?!?
i'm juss chillin here. i juss got back from the canal fest again! it was pretty fun cept holly needs to take a fuckin pms pill cuz she keeps trippin god! i guess krysten doesn't like amy or something.. well that shyt is bullshit nah mean?? i went on a lot of the rides heh(: aww me and amy miss justin + nana! =\ everything reminds us of them Lol. but i guess justin's got a new girl now.. but she is hatin too fer no god damn reason juss becus holly does.. but i don't give a fuck! Lol.. well nuttin much went on tonite so i'm gonna go bye bye~!!

sweet dreamz-

(close your eyes)

10:33 am - danielle
yesterday, i went surfin with my friend noelle down in OC. It was great. She got one of her old friends, named mike, who is like an awesome surfer to help us out, who's hott?he was hott!@ :X

After he left this 16 year old guy just like started talkin to me, which was sweet, but he kinda ditched me in the end...or did he think i wanted to ditch him? :\

I got a big rash on my legs and tummy, it killed yesterday in the shower, but now it's allll better.! :D

Well, im gonna go and get ready for car lookin.


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10:27 am - hey *new*
sup? i'm going to be sharing a journal with melissa and danie so you people have to suffer with me :x but you will learn to love me :] <3

~!*<3 maria

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